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RIKEN-NC-NP-193 Semiclassical origin of asymmetric nuclear fission: Nascent-fragment shell effect in periodic-orbit theory K. Arita, T. Ichikawa and K. Matsuyanagi 2019.06
RIKEN-NC-NP-188 Nascent fragment shell effects on the nuclear fission processes in semiclassical periodic orbit theory Ken-ichiro Arita, Takatoshi Ichikawa and Kenichi Matsuyanagi 2018.12
RIKEN-NC-NP-192 Shape and shell structure of lighter neutron-rich nuclei based on a phenomenological Woods-Saxon potential Ikuko Hamamoto 2018.10
RIKEN-NC-NP-189 S-shaped heat capacity in an odd - odd deformed nucleus Balaram Deya, N. Quang Hung et al. 2018.10
RIKEN-NC-NP-190 Interplay between nuclear shell evolution and shape deformation revealed by the magnetic moment of 75Cu Y. Ichikawa, H. Nishibata et al. 2018.09
RIKEN-NC-NP-187 Nuclear surface diffuseness revealed in nucleon-nucleus diffraction S. Hatakeyama, W. Horiuchi et al. 2018.02
RIKEN-NC-NP-184 Bubble nuclei within the self-consistent Hartree-Fock mean field plus pairing approach L. Tan Phuc, N. Quang Hung et al. 2017.12
RIKEN-NC-NP-186 Development of co-located $^{129}$Xe and $^{131}$Xe nuclear spin masers with external feedback scheme T.Sato, Y.Ichikawa et al. 2017.10
RIKEN-NC-NP-185 Interplay between isoscalar and isovector correlations in neutron-rich nuclei Ikuko Hamamoto and Hiroyuki Sagawa 2017.09
RIKEN-NC-NP-180 Hidden-charm and bottom meson-baryon molecules coupled with five-quark states Yasuhiro Yamaguchi, Alessandro Giachino et al. 2017.09
RIKEN-NC-NP-183 Level density and thermodynamics in the hot rotating 96Tc nucleus B. Dey, D. Pandit et al. 2017.08
RIKEN-NC-NP-191 Pairing in excited nuclei: a review N. Quang Hung, N. Dinh Dang et al. 2017.07
RIKEN-NC-NP-182 Testing the constant-temperature approach for the nuclear level density N. Dinh Dang, N. Quang Hung et al. 2017.07
RIKEN-NC-NP-178 Precision mass measurements of neutron-deficient nuclei in ${\bf A \sim 60 - 80}$ region via multireflection time-of-flight mass spectrograph S. Kimura, Y. Ito et al. 2017.06
RIKEN-NC-NP-181 Mesic nuclei with a heavy antiquark Yasuhiro Yamaguchi, and Shigehiro Yasui 2016.12
RIKEN-NC-NP-177 Examining possible neutron-halo nuclei heavier than 37Mg Ikuko Hamamoto 2016.11
RIKEN-NC-NP-174 Giant dipole resonance and shape transitions in hot and rotating 88Mo A. K. Rhine Kumar, P. Arumugam et al. 2016.11
RIKEN-NC-NP-175 Simultaneous microscopic description of nuclear level density and radiative strength function N. Quang Hung, N. Dinh Dang et al. 2016.09
RIKEN-NC-NP-173 Angular momentum gated thermodynamic properties in Tc isotopes Balaram Dey, Deepak Pandit et al. 2016.09
RIKEN-NC-NP-172 Sum rule study for Double Gamow-Teller states H. Sagawa and T. Uesaka 2016.09
RIKEN-NC-NP-170 Determination of a dineutron correlation in Borromean nuclei via a quasi-free knockout ($p,pn$) reaction Yuma Kikuchi, Kazuyuki Ogata et al. 2016.08
RIKEN-NC-NP-169 Self-consistent collective coordinate for reaction path and inertial mass Kai Wen, Takashi Nakatsukasa 2016.08
RIKEN-NC-NP-171 Effective restoration of dipole sum rules within the renormalized random-phase approximation N. Quang Hung, N. Dinh Dang et al. 2016.07
RIKEN-NC-NP-167 Improved treatment of blocking effect at finite temperature N. Quang Hung, N. Dinh Dang et al. 2016.07
RIKEN-NC-NP-3 Shell structure of one-particle resonances in deformed potentials Ikuko Hamamoto 2016.06
RIKEN-NC-NP-164 Quantal rotation and its coupling to intrinsic motion in nuclei Takashi Nakatsukasa, Kenichi Matsuyanagi et al. 2016.01
RIKEN-NC-NP-166 Microscopic derivation of the Bohr-Mottelson collective Hamiltonian and its application to quadrupole shape dynamics K. Matsuyanagi,M. Matsuo, T. Nakatsukasa et al. 2015.12
RIKEN-NC-NP-165 Giant dipole resonance in hot rotating nuclei D.R. Chakrabarty, N. Dinh Dang et al. 2015.11
RIKEN-NC-NP-168 Time-dependent density-functional description of nuclear dynamics Takashi Nakatsukasa, Kenichi Matsuyanagi et al. 2015.10
RIKEN-NC-NP-163 Interplay between one-particle and collective degrees of freedom in nuclei Ikuko Hamamoto 2015.10
RIKEN-NC-NP-161 First Online Mass Measurements of Isobar Chains via Multi-Reflection Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrograph Coupled with GARIS-II P. Schury, M. Wada et al. 2015.10
RIKEN-NC-NP-159 Time-dependent density functional studies of nuclear quantum dynamics in large amplitudes Kai Wen, Kouhei Washiyama et al. 2015.10
RIKEN-NC-NP-158 Pairing reentrance in warm rotating $^{104}$Pd nucleus N. Quang Hung, N. Dinh Dang et al. 2015.10
RIKEN-NC-NP-162 Gauge symmetry in the large-amplitude collective motion of superfluid nuclei Koichi Sato 2015.09
RIKEN-NC-NP-160 Covariant density functional theory: the structure of superheavy nuclei revisited S. E. Agbemava, A. V. Afanasjev et al. 2015.09
RIKEN-NC-NP-157 Microscopic derivation of the quadrupole collective Hamiltonian for shape coexistence/mixing dynamics Kenichi Matsuyanagi, Masayuki Matsuo et al. 2015.07
RIKEN-NC-NP-156 A Universal Damping Mechanism of Quantum Vibrations in Deep Sub-Barrier Fusion Takatoshi Ichikawa and Kenichi Matsuyanagi 2015.06
RIKEN-NC-NP-148 Multiple period states of the superfluid fermi gas in an optical lattice Sukjin Yoon, Franco Dalfovo et al. 2015.03
RIKEN-NC-NP-144 Microscopic analysis of fusion hindrance in heavy systems Kouhei Washiyama 2015.03
RIKEN-NC-NP-153 Giant dipole resonance built on hot rotating nuclei produced during evaporation of light particles from the 88Mo compound nucleus M. CiemaƂa, M. Kmiecik et al. 2015.02
RIKEN-NC-NP-152 Experimental investigation on the temperature dependence of the nuclear level density parameter Balaram Dey, Deepak Pandit et al. 2015.01
RIKEN-NC-NP-151 Effects of thermal shape fluctuations and pairing fluctuations on the giant dipole resonance in warm nuclei A. K. Rhine Kumar, P. Arumugam et al. 2015.01
RIKEN-NC-NP-143 Energy and mass-number dependence of hadron-nucleus total reaction cross sections Akihisa Kohama, Kei Iida et al. 2014.12
RIKEN-NC-NP-176 Time-dependent density-functional calculation of nuclear response functions Takashi Nakatsukasa 2014.11
RIKEN-NC-NP-155 Reentrance phenomenon of superfluid pairing in hot rotating nuclei N. Quang Hung, N. Dinh Dang et al. 2014.11
RIKEN-NC-NP-150 Three-dimensional mesh calculations for covariant density functional theory Y. Tanimura, K. Hagino et al. 2014.11
RIKEN-NC-NP-147 Mean-field calculation based on proton-neutron mixed energy density functionals Koichi Sato, Jacek Dobaczewski et al. 2014.10
RIKEN-NC-NP-146 Finite amplitude method in linear response TDDFT calculations Takashi Nakatsukasa 2014.09
RIKEN-NC-NP-145 Repulsive aspects of pairing correlation in nuclear fusion reaction Shinichiro Ebata and Takashi Nakatsukasa 2014.08
RIKEN-NC-NP-142 Pigmy resonance in monopole response of neutron-rich Ni isotopes ? Ikuko Hamamoto and Hiroyuki Sagawa 2014.08
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