Preprint Number Title of Paper Author(s) Date
RIKEN-QHP-480 Are atoms spherical? Tomoya Naito, Shipmei Endo et al. 2020.09
RIKEN-QHP-477 S-wave kaon-nucleon potentials with all-to-all propagators in the HAL QCD method Kotaro Murakami, Yutaro Akahoshi et al. 2020.05
RIKEN-QHP-474 The HAL QCD potential in I = 1 pipi system with the rho meson bound state Yutaro Akahoshi, Sinya Aoki et al. 2020.04
RIKEN-QHP-475 Analysis for Lorentzian conformal field theories through sine-square deformation Xun Liu and Tsukasa Tada 2020.04
RIKEN-QHP-476 Hybrid Quantum Annealing via Molecular Dynamics Hirotaka Irie, Haozhao Liang et al. 2020.04
RIKEN-QHP-472 Mesoscopic spin transport between strongly interacting Fermi gases Yuta Sekino, Hiroyuki Tajima et al. 2020.03
RIKEN-QHP-473 Effects of finite nucleon size, vacuum polarization, and electromagnetic spin-orbit interaction on nuclear binding energies and radii in spherical nuclei Tomoya Naito, Xavier Roca-Maza et al. 2020.03
RIKEN-QHP-411 Self-consistent random phase approximation based on the relativistic Hartree-Fock theory: Role of $ \rho $-meson tensor coupling Zhiheng Wang, Tomoya Naito et al. 2020.01
RIKEN-QHP-433 Emergent discrete 3-form symmetry and domain walls Yoshimasa Hidaka, Muneto Nitta et al. 2020.01
RIKEN-QHP-436 Non-relativistic expansion of Dirac equation with spherical scalar and vector potentials by reconstituted Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation Yixin Guo and Haozhao Liang 2020.01
RIKEN-QHP-440 Goldstino spectrum in an ultracold Bose-Fermi mixture with explicitly broken supersymmetry Hiroyuki Tajima, Yoshimasa Hidaka et al. 2020.01
RIKEN-QHP-434 BCS-BEC crossover and pairing fluctuations in a two-band superfluid/superconductor: a T-matrix approach Hiroyuki Tajima, Andrea Perali et al. 2019.12
RIKEN-QHP-435 $\Lambda\Lambda$ and N$\Xi$ interactions from Lattice QCD near the physical point Kenji Sasaki, Sinya Aoki et al. 2019.12
RIKEN-QHP-437 Collisional Dynamics of Polaronic Clouds Immersed in a Fermi Sea Hiroyuki Tajima, Junichi Takahashi et al. 2019.12
RIKEN-QHP-426 Theoretical study of Nb isotope productions by muon capture reaction on $ {}^{100} \mathrm{Mo} $ Maureen Ciccarelli, Futoshi Minato et al. 2019.11
RIKEN-QHP-428 Relativistic density functional theory with finite-light-speed correction for the Coulomb interaction: A non-relativistic reduction based approach Tomoya Naito, Ryosuke Akashi et al. 2019.11
RIKEN-QHP-430 Lattice QCD and baryon-baryon interactions: HAL QCD method Sinya Aoki and Takumi Doi 2019.11
RIKEN-QHP-431 Study of the pion-pion scatterings with a combination of all-to-all propagators and the HAL QCD method Yutaro Akahoshi, Sinya Aoki et al. 2019.11
RIKEN-QHP-469 Measurements of the branching fractions ${\cal B}(B^- \to \bar \Lambda_c^- \Xi_c^0)$, ${\cal B}(B^- \to \bar \Lambda_c^- \Xi_c(2645)^0)$ and ${\cal B}(B^- \to \bar \Lambda_c^- \Xi_c(2790)^0)$ Y. Li et al, (Belle Collaboration) (including M. Takizawa) 2019.11
RIKEN-QHP-470 Observation of a vector charmoniumlike state in $e^+ e^- \to D_s^+ D_{s1}(2536)^- + c.c$ S. Jia et al, (Belle Collaboration) (including M. Takizawa) 2019.11
RIKEN-QHP-429 Possible lightest Xi Hypernucleus with Modern Xi N Interactions E. Hiyama, K. Sasaki et al. 2019.10
RIKEN-QHP-471 Measurement of the integrated luminosity of the Phase 2 data of the Belle II experiment F. Abudinén et al, (Belle II Collaboration) (including M. Takizawa) 2019.10
RIKEN-QHP-427 Spin-dipole mode in a trapped Fermi gas near unitarity Hiroyuki Tajima, Alessio Recati et al. 2019.09
RIKEN-QHP-468 Azimuthal asymmetries of back-to-back $\pi^\pm - ( \pi^0, \eta, \pi^\pm )$ pairs in $e^+ e^-$ annihilation H. Li et al, (Belle Collaboration) (including M. Takizawa) 2019.09
RIKEN-QHP-423 Probing Omega-Omega and p-Omega dibaryons with femtoscopic correlations in relativistic heavy-ion collisions K. Morita, S. Gongyo et al. 2019.08
RIKEN-QHP-424 How to Improve Functionals in Density Functional Theory? ---Formalism and Benchmark Calculation--- Tomoya Naito, Daisuke Ohashi et al. 2019.08
RIKEN-QHP-425 Heavy hadronic molecules with pion exchange and quark core couplings: a guide for practitioners Yasuhiro Yamaguchi, Atsushi Hosaka et al. 2019.08
RIKEN-QHP-465 Observation of $\tau^- \to \pi^- \nu_\tau e^+ e^-$ and search for $\tau^- \to \pi^- \nu_\tau \mu^+ \mu^-$ Y. Jin et al, (Belle Collaboration) (including M. Takizawa) 2019.08
RIKEN-QHP-466 First measurement of the CKM angle $\phi_3$ with $B^\pm \to D (K^0_S \pi^+ \pi^= \pi^0) K^\pm$ decays P. K. Resmi et al, (Belle Collaboration) (including M. Takizawa) 2019.08
RIKEN-QHP-421 Coulomb Energy Density Functionals for Nuclear Systems: Recent Studies of Coulomb Exchange and Correlation Functionals Tomoya Naito, Ryosuke Akashi et al. 2019.07
RIKEN-QHP-422 Coexistence of giant Cooper pairs with a bosonic condensate and anomalous behavior of energy gaps in the BCS-BEC crossover of a two-band superfluid Fermi gas Yuriy Yerin, Hiroyuki Tajima et al. 2019.07
RIKEN-QHP-412 Resummation for the Field-theoretical Derivation of the Negative Magnetoresistance Kenji Fukushima, Yoshimasa Hidaka 2019.06
RIKEN-QHP-418 Partial wave decomposition on the lattice and its applications to the HAL QCD method Takaya Miyamoto, Yutaro Akahoshi et al. 2019.06
RIKEN-QHP-419 Superfluid Phase Transitions and Effects of Thermal Pairing Fluctuations in Asymmetric Nuclear Matter Hiroyuki Tajima, Tetsuo Hatsuda et al. 2019.06
RIKEN-QHP-420 Non-relativistic expansion of single-nucleon Dirac equation: Comparison between Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation and similarity renormalization group Yixin Guo and Haozhao Liang 2019.06
RIKEN-NC-NP-193 Semiclassical origin of asymmetric nuclear fission: Nascent-fragment shell effect in periodic-orbit theory K. Arita, T. Ichikawa and K. Matsuyanagi 2019.06
RIKEN-QHP-463 Search for Ω(2012) → KΞ(1530) → KπΞ at Belle S. Jia et al, (Belle Collaboration) (including M. Takizawa) 2019.06
RIKEN-QHP-461 Search for $B^0 \to X(3872) \gamma$ P.-C. Chou et al, (Belle Collaboration) (including M. Takizawa) 2019.05
RIKEN-QHP-467 Observation of a new structure near 10:75 GeV in the energy dependence of the $e^+ e^- \to \Upsilon(nS) \pi^+ \pi^-$ $( n = 1, 2, 3)$ cross sections R. Mizuk et al, (Belle Collaboration) (including M. Takizawa) 2019.05
RIKEN-QHP-413 QCD-like phase diagram with Efimov trimers and Cooper pairs in resonantly interacting SU(3) Fermi gases Hiroyuki Tajima, Pascal Naidon 2019.04
RIKEN-QHP-414 Non-relativistic expansion of Dirac equation with spherical scalar and vector potentials by similarity renormalization group Yixin Guo and Haozhao Liang 2019.04
RIKEN-QHP-415 I = 2 pipi potential in the HAL QCD method with all-to-all propagators Yutaro Akahoshi, Sinya Aoki et al. 2019.04
RIKEN-QHP-438 Towards an ab initio covariant density functional theory for nuclear structure Shihang Shen, Haozhao Liang et al. 2019.04
RIKEN-QHP-456 Evidence for the decay $B^0 \to p \bar p \pi^0$ B. Pal et al, (Belle Collaboration) (including M. Takizawa) 2019.04
RIKEN-QHP-457 Search for $X(3872)$ and $X(3915)$ decay into $\chi_{c1}$ in $B$ decays at Belle V. Bhardwaj et al, (Belle Collaboration) (including M. Takizawa) 2019.04
RIKEN-QHP-459 Measurement of branching fraction and final-state asymmetry for the $\bar B^0 \to K^0_S K^\mp \pi^\pm$ decay Y.-T. Lai et al, (Belle Collaboration) (including M. Takizawa) 2019.04
RIKEN-QHP-462 First measurements of absolute branching fractions of the $\Xi_c^+$ baryon at Belle Y. B. Li et al, (Belle Collaboration) (including M. Takizawa) 2019.04
RIKEN-QHP-407 Anomaly-induced transport phenomena from the imaginary-time formalism Masaru Hongo, Yoshimasa Hidaka 2019.03
RIKEN-QHP-408 Chiral Kinetic Theory for Massive Fermions Koichi Hattori, Yoshimasa Hidaka et al. 2019.03
RIKEN-QHP-409 Topological order in the color-flavor locked phase of (3+1)-dimensional 𝑈(𝑁) gauge-Higgs system Yoshimasa Hidaka, Yuji Hirono et al. 2019.03


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