Preprint Number Title of Paper Author(s) Date
RIKEN-QHP-421 Coulomb Energy Density Functionals for Nuclear Systems: Recent Studies of Coulomb Exchange and Correlation Functionals Tomoya Naito, Ryosuke Akashi et al. 2019.07
RIKEN-QHP-412 Resummation for the Field-theoretical Derivation of the Negative Magnetoresistance Kenji Fukushima, Yoshimasa Hidaka 2019.06
RIKEN-QHP-418 Partial wave decomposition on the lattice and its applications to the HAL QCD method Takaya Miyamoto, Yutaro Akahoshi et al. 2019.06
RIKEN-QHP-419 Superfluid Phase Transitions and Effects of Thermal Pairing Fluctuations in Asymmetric Nuclear Matter Hiroyuki Tajima, Tetsuo Hatsuda et al. 2019.06
RIKEN-QHP-420 Non-relativistic expansion of single-nucleon Dirac equation: Comparison between Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation and similarity renormalization group Yixin Guo and Haozhao Liang 2019.06
RIKEN-QHP-413 QCD-like phase diagram with Efimov trimers and Cooper pairs in resonantly interacting SU(3) Fermi gases Hiroyuki Tajima, Pascal Naidon 2019.04
RIKEN-QHP-414 Non-relativistic expansion of Dirac equation with spherical scalar and vector potentials by similarity renormalization group Yixin Guo and Haozhao Liang 2019.04
RIKEN-QHP-415 I = 2 pipi potential in the HAL QCD method with all-to-all propagators Yutaro Akahoshi, Sinya Aoki et al. 2019.04
RIKEN-QHP-407 Anomaly-induced transport phenomena from the imaginary-time formalism Masaru Hongo, Yoshimasa Hidaka 2019.03
RIKEN-QHP-408 Chiral Kinetic Theory for Massive Fermions Koichi Hattori, Yoshimasa Hidaka et al. 2019.03
RIKEN-QHP-409 Topological order in the color-flavor locked phase of (3+1)-dimensional 𝑈(𝑁) gauge-Higgs system Yoshimasa Hidaka, Yuji Hirono et al. 2019.03
RIKEN-QHP-410 Universal crossover in interacting fermions within the low-energy expansion Hiroyuki Tajima 2019.03
RIKEN-QHP-404 Distribution of solutions of the fastest apparent convergence condition in optimized perturbation theory and its relation to anti-Stokes lines Shoichiro Tsutsui, Takahiro M. Doi 2019.01
RIKEN-QHP-405 Heavy quark spin multiplet structure of Pc -like pentaquark as P-wave hadronic molecular state Yuki Shimizu, Yasuhiro Yamaguchi et al. 2019.01
RIKEN-QHP-406 Enhanced critical temperature, pairing fluctuation effects, and BCS-BEC crossover in a two-band Fermi gas Hiroyuki Tajima, Yuriy Yerin et al. 2019.01
RIKEN-QHP-387 Functional-renormalization-group aided density-functional analysis for the correlation energy of the two-dimensional homogeneous electron gas Takeru Yokota, Tomoya Naito 2018.12
RIKEN-QHP-400 Consistency between Luescher's finite volume method and HAL QCD method for two-baryon systems in lattice QCD Takumi Iritani, Sinya Aoki et al. 2018.12
RIKEN-NC-NP-188 Nascent fragment shell effects on the nuclear fission processes in semiclassical periodic orbit theory Ken-ichiro Arita, Takatoshi Ichikawa and Kenichi Matsuyanagi 2018.12
RIKEN-QHP-402 Thermal crossover, transition, and coexistence in Fermi polaronic spectroscopies Hiroyuki Tajima and Shun Uchino 2018.12
RIKEN-QHP-403 Improvement of Functionals in Density Functional Theory by the Inverse Kohn-Sham Method and Density Functional Perturbation Theory Daisuke Ohashi, Tomoya Naito et al. 2018.12
RIKEN-QHP-385 Thermodynamics in the quenched QCD --- EMT with NNLO coefficients in gradient flow formalism Takumi Iritani, Masakiyo Kitazawa et al. 2018.11
RIKEN-QHP-386 HAL QCD method and Nucleon-Omega interaction with physical quark masses Takumi Iritani, for HAL QCD Collaboration 2018.11
RIKEN-QHP-382 Coulomb exchange functional with generalized gradient approximation for self-consistent Skyrme Hartree-Fock calculations Tomoya Naito, Xavier Roca-Maza et al. 2018.10
RIKEN-QHP-383 $N\Omega$ dibaryon from lattice QCD near the physical point Takumi Iritani, Sinya Aoki et al. 2018.10
RIKEN-QHP-384 Linear confinement and stress-energy tensor around static quark and anti-quark pair -- Lattice simulation with Yang-Mills gradient flow -- Ryosuke Yanagihara, Takumi Iritani et al. 2018.10
RIKEN-QHP-396 Observation of $e^+ e^- \to \pi^+ \pi^- \pi^0 \chi_{b1,2}(1P)$ and search for $e^+ e^- \to \phi \chi{b1,2}(1P)$ at $\sqrt{s} =10.96---11.05$ GeV J. H. Yin et al., (Belle Collaboration) including M. Takizawa 2018.10
RIKEN-QHP-398 Observation of $e^+ e^- \to \gamma \chi_{c1}$ and search for $e^+ e^- \to \gamma \chi_{c0}, \gamma \chi_{c2}$, and $\gamma \eta_c$ at $\sqrt{s}$ near 10.6 GeV at Belle S. Jia et al., (Belle Collaboration) including M. Takizawa 2018.10
RIKEN-QHP-399 Measurement of the branching fraction and time-dependent $CP$ asymmetry for $B^0 \to J/\psi \pi^0$ decays B. Pal et al., (Belle Collaboration) including M. Takizawa 2018.10
RIKEN-NC-NP-189 S-shaped heat capacity in an odd - odd deformed nucleus Balaram Deya, N. Quang Hung et al. 2018.10
RIKEN-NC-NP-192 Shape and shell structure of lighter neutron-rich nuclei based on a phenomenological Woods-Saxon potential Ikuko Hamamoto 2018.10
RIKEN-QHP-380 Diffusive Nambu-Goldstone modes in quantum time crystals Tomoya Hayata, Yoshimasa Hidaka 2018.09
RIKEN-NC-NP-190 Interplay between nuclear shell evolution and shape deformation revealed by the magnetic moment of 75Cu Y. Ichikawa, H. Nishibata et al. 2018.09
RIKEN-QHP-379 Holographic $J/psi$ production near threshold and the proton mass problem Yoshitaka Hatta, Di-Lun Yang 2018.08
RIKEN-QHP-381 QCD Sum Rule for Open Strange Meson K^±_1 in Nuclear Matter Taesoo Song, Tetsuo Hatsuda et al. 2018.08
RIKEN-QHP-375 Side-Jump Induced Spin-Orbit Interaction of Chiral Fluids from Kinetic Theory Di-Lun Yang 2018.07
RIKEN-QHP-377 Non-Equilibrium Quantum Transport of Chiral Fluids from Kinetic Theory Yoshimasa Hidaka, Shi Pu et al. 2018.07
RIKEN-QHP-378 Asymptotic behavior of Nambu-Bethe-Salpeter wave functions for scalar systems with a bound state Shinya Gongyo, Sinya Aoki 2018.07
RIKEN-QHP-393 Search for the lepton-flavor-violating decay $B^0 \to K^{\ast 0} \mu^{\pm} e^{\mp}$ S. Sandilya et al., (Belle Collaboration) including M. Takizawa 2018.07
RIKEN-QHP-397 Observation of $\Upsilon(2S) \to \gamma \eta_b(1S)$ decay B. G. Fulsom et al., (Belle Collaboration) including M. Takizawa 2018.07
RIKEN-QHP-374 Quantitative analysis of tensor effects in the relativistic Hartree-Fock theory Zhiheng Wang, Qiang Zhao et al. 2018.06
RIKEN-QHP-395 Evidence of a structure in $\bar{K}^0 \Lambda^+_c$ consistent with a charged $\Xi_c(2930)^+$, and updated measurement of $\bar{B}^0 \to \bar{K}^0 \Lambda^+_c \Lambda^-_c$ at Belle Y. B. Li et al., (Belle Collaboration) including M. Takizawa 2018.06
RIKEN-QHP-401 Multi-body Correlations in SU(3) Fermi Gases Hiroyuki Tajima and Pascal Naidon 2018.06
RIKEN-QHP-370 Systematics of the HAL QCD Potential at Low Energies in Lattice QCD Takumi Iritani, Sinya Aoki et al. 2018.05
RIKEN-QHP-371 Heavy quark spin multiplet structure of of Pbar^(*)Sigma^(*)_Q molecular states Yuki Shimizu, Yasuhiro Yamaguchi et al. 2018.05
RIKEN-QHP-389 Search for $\Upsilon(1S,2S) \to Z^+_c Z^{(′)-}_c$ and $e^+ e^- \to Z^+_c Z^{(′)-}_c$ at $\sqrt{s} = 10.52$, 10.58, and 10.867 GeV S.Jia et al., (Belle Collaboration) including M. Takizawa 2018.05
RIKEN-QHP-390 Observation of an excited $\Omega^-$ baryon J. Yelton et al., (Belle Collaboration) including M. Takizawa 2018.05
RIKEN-QHP-394 Measurement of $\eta_c(1S)$, $\eta_c(2S)$ and non-resonant $\eta' \pi^+ \pi^-$ production via two-photon collisions Q. N. Xu et al., (Belle Collaboration) including M. Takizawa 2018.05
RIKEN-QHP-373 Many Fermi polarons at nonzero temperature Hiroyuki Tajima and Shun Uchino 2018.04
RIKEN-QHP-366 On the observer dependence of the Hilbert space near the horizon of black holes Kanato Gotoa and Yoichi Kazama 2018.03
RIKEN-QHP-367 Continuity of vortices from the hadronic to the color-favor-locked phase in dense matter M. G. Alford, G. Baym et al. 2018.03


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