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RIKEN-AF-NP-473 TBA T. Nakamura, M. Wada et al. 2006.09
RIKEN-AF-NP-472 SPIN PHYSICS S. Forte and Y. Goto 2006.09
RIKEN-AF-NP-471 Analyzing power for 6Li(d, arufa)4He and 6Li(d, p)7Li reactions at a low incident energy M. Yamaguchi, Y. Tagishi et al. 2006.05
RIKEN-AF-NP-470 Coulomb breakup effects on the elastic vross section of 6He+209Bi scattering near Coulomb barrier energies T. Matsumoto, T. Egami et al. 2005.11
RIKEN-AF-NP-469 Proton Single-Particle States in the Neutron-rich 23F Nucleus S. Michimasa, S. Shimoura et al. 2005.10
RIKEN-AF-NP-468 Momentum correlation in the three-body decay of high-density K- nuclear clusters: NNNK- ->N+N+^ P. Kienle, Y. Yamazaki et al. 2005.09
RIKEN-AF-NP-467 Kaonic Helium Atoms in relation to kaonic Nuclear Bound States Y. Akaishi 2005.09
RIKEN-AF-NP-466 Overview: Deeply bound nuclear states of pions and kaons T. Yamazaki 2005.09
RIKEN-AF-NP-465 Spatialy extended coherence induced by pairing correlation in low-frequency vibrational excitations of neutron drip line nuclei M. Yamagami 2005.05
RIKEN-AF-NP-464 C inelastic studied with microscopic coupled-channels method M. Takashina, Y. Kanada-En'yo et al. 2005.04
RIKEN-AF-NP-463 Titled Axis Rotation in Hartree-Fock Framework Y. Hashimoto and T. Horibata 2005.01
RIKEN-AF-NP-462 Strange Tribaryons as K- -Mediated Dense Nuclear Systems Y. Akaishi, A. Dote et al. 2005.01
RIKEN-AF-NP-461 Particle-number conservation within self-consistent random-phase approximation* N. D. Dang 2004.11
RIKEN-AF-NP-460 Nuclear giant resonances N. D. Dang 2004.11
RIKEN-AF-NP-459 In-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy of the neutron-rich boronisotopes 15,17B via inelastic scattering on 12C Y. Kondo, T. Nakamura et al. 2004.09
RIKEN-AF-NP-458 Low-Energy Radioisotope Beam 9arator CRIB Y. Yanagisawa, S. Kubono et al. 2004.08
RIKEN-AF-NP-456 Effect of Polarized gluon desitribution on Pai0 spi asymmetry M. Hirai and K. Sudoh 2004.04
RIKEN-AF-NP-455 Decoupling of valence neutrons from the core in 16C Z. Elekes, Zs. Dombradi et al. 2003.12
RIKEN-AF-NP-454 Invariant-Mass Spectroscopy for Condensed Single- and Double-K- nuclear Clusters to be Formed as Residues in Relativistic Heavy=Ion Collisions T. Yamazaki, A. Dote et al. 2003.10
RIKEN-AF-NP-453 Pairing effect on the giant dipole resonance width at Iow temperature N. D. Dang and A. Arima 2003.09
RIKEN-AF-NP-452 Anomalously hindered E2 strength B(E2;2+1->0+) in 16C N. Imai, H. J. Ong et al. 2003.08
RIKEN-AF-NP-451 E1 strength of the subthreshold 3/2+ state in 15O studied by Coulomb excitation K. Yamada, T. Motobayashi et al. 2003.07
RIKEN-AF-NP-450 Modified Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov theory at finite temperature* N. D. Dang and A. Arima 2003.05
RIKEN-AF-NP-449 Effect of pion thermal width on the spectral function of sigma meson M. Ohtani, Y. Hidaka et al. 2003.05
RIKEN-AF-NP-448 Electric quadrupole moment of 17B and anomalous E2 effective charge for neutron-rich nuclei H. Ogawa, K. Asahi et al. 2003.04
RIKEN-AF-NP-447 In-beam gamma spectroscopy of 34Si with deuteron inelastic scttering in reversed kinematics N. Iwasa, T. Motobayashi et al. 2003.02
RIKEN-AF-NP-446 The first excited state in 30Ne studied by proton inelastic scattering in reversed kinematics Y. Yanagisawa, M. Notani et al. 2003.02
RIKEN-AF-NP-445 Momentum Distributions of 14C and 15C fragments from 16C Breakup T. Yamaguchi, T. Zheng et al. 2003.01
RIKEN-AF-NP-444 Experimental evidences for the existence of 7H and for a specific structure of 8He. A. A. Korsheninikov, E. Yu. Nikolskii et al. 2003.01
RIKEN-AF-NP-443 Global anisotropy vs small-scale fluctuation of neutrino flux in supernova explosions H. Madokoro, T. Shimizu et al. 2003.01
RIKEN-AF-NP-442 Two-proton halo in 17Ne R. Kanungo, M. Chiba et al. 2003.01
RIKEN-AF-NP-441 Precition spectroscopy of pionic 1s states of Sn nuclei and evidence for partial restoration of chiral symmetry in the nuclear medium K. Suzuki, M. Fujita et al. 2002.11
RIKEN-AF-NP-440 Transposition of a local-density-depedent pion-nucleus potential to an effective density-linear potential-generalized Seki -Masutani relations T. Yamazaki and Y. Akaishi 2002.11
RIKEN-AF-NP-439 Experimental indication of a reduced chairal order parameter from the 1s pai- state in 205Pb H. Geissel,H. Gilg, A. Gillitzer et al. 2002.11
RIKEN-AF-NP-438 Search for 21B A. Ozawa, Y. Yamaguchi et al. 2002.11
RIKEN-AF-NP-437 Status of MUSES Project and Electron RI Collider at RIKEN T. Katayama, T. Suda et al. 2002.10
RIKEN-AF-NP-436 Energies of the ground state and first excited 0+ state in an exactly solvable parng model N. D. Dang 2002.10
RIKEN-AF-NP-435 Isomeric 0+ Sate in 12Be S. Simoura, A. Saito et al. 2002.09
RIKEN-AF-NP-434 Systematic studies of scintillation detector with timing resolution of 10 ps for heavy ion beam S. Nishimura. M. Kurata-Nishimura, K. Morimoto et al. 2002.09
RIKEN-AF-NP-433 Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments with High Energy RI Beams* T. Motobayashi 2002.08
RIKEN-AF-NP-432 Determination of the astrophysical 8B(p, gamna)9C cross section from the 9C dissociation I. Hisanaga, T. Motobayashi et al. 2002.08
RIKEN-AF-NP-431 Hyperfine structure of antiprotonic helium revealed by a laser-microwave-laser resonance method E. Widmann, R. S. Hayano et al. 2002.07
RIKEN-AF-NP-430 Three-body dN interaction in the analysis of the 12C(d, d'9 reaction at 270 MeV Y. Satou, S. Ishida et al. 2002.07
RIKEN-AF-NP-429 Study of halo structure of 16C from reaction cross section measurement T. Zheng, T. Yamaguchi et al. 2002.06
RIKEN-AF-NP-428 Cross section calculations in Glauber model: I. Core plus one-nucleon case B. Abu-Ibrahim, Y. Ogawa et al. 2002.06
RIKEN-AF-NP-427 Isovector Quadrupole Resonance observed in the 60Ni(13C, 13N)60Co reaction at E/A = 100 MeV T. Ichihara, M. Ishihara H. Ohnuma et al. 2002.06
RIKEN-AF-NP-426 Modified quasiparticle random-phase approximation and charge-excharge transitions N. D. Dang and A. Arima 2002.05
RIKEN-AF-NP-425 High-density K nuclear systems with isovector deformation A. Dote, Y. Akaishi et al. 2002.05
RIKEN-AF-NP-424 Measurement of the Interaction Cross Sections for Ar and isotopes A. Ozawa, T. Baumann et al. 2002.05
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