Preprint Number Title of Paper Author(s) Date
RIKEN-QHP-256 Phases of circle-compactified QCD with adjoint fermions at finite density Takuya Kanazawa, Mithat Ünsal et al. 2017.03
RIKEN-QHP-301 Are two nucleons bound in lattice QCD for heavy quark masses? - Sanity check with Luscher’s finite volume formula - Takumi Iritani, Sinya Aoki et al. 2017.03
RIKEN-QHP-300 Effects of rotation and boundaries on chiral symmetry breaking of relativistic fermions Maxim Chernodub, Shinya Gongyo 2017.02
RIKEN-QHP-280 Kinetic Theory and Anomalous Transports in the Presence of the Phase-Space Non-abelian Berry Curvatures Tomoya Hayata, Yoshimasa Hidaka 2017.01
RIKEN-QHP-296 Baryon interactions from lattice QCD with physical masses -- Overview and S = 0, -4 sectors -- Takumi Doi, Sinya Aoki et al. 2017.01
RIKEN-QHP-297 Baryon interactions from lattice QCD with physical masses -- S = -3 sector: \Xi\Sigma and \Xi\Lambda-\Xi\Sigma -- Noriyoshi Ishii, Sinya Aoki et al. 2017.01
RIKEN-QHP-298 Baryon interactions from lattice QCD with physical masses -- S = -2 sector -- Kenji Sasaki, Sinya Aoki et al. 2017.01
RIKEN-QHP-299 Lambda-Nucleon and Sigma-Nucleon interactions from lattice QCD with physical masses Hidekatsu Nemura, Sinya Aoki et al. 2017.01
RIKEN-QHP-257 Relativistic Chiral Kinetic Theory from Quantum Field Theories Yoshimasa Hidaka, Shi Pu et al. 2016.12
RIKEN-QHP-258 Probing the resonance in the Dirac equation with quadruple-deformed potentials by complex momentum representation method Zhi Fang, Min Shi et al. 2016.12
RIKEN-QHP-260 Relativistic Chiral Kinetic Theory from Quantum Field Theories Yoshimasa Hidaka, Shi Pu et al. 2016.12
RIKEN-QHP-281 QCD phase transition at real chemical potential with canonical approach Atsushi Nakamura, Shotaro Oka et al. 2016.12
RIKEN-QHP-282 Canonical approach to finite density QCD with multiple precision computation Ryutaro Fukuda, Atsushi Nakamura et al. 2016.12
RIKEN-QHP-283 Sign problem in finite density lattice QCD V. A. Goy, V. Bornyakov et al. 2016.12
RIKEN-QHP-286 Doubly magic nuclei from Lattice QCD forces at MPS = 469 MeV C. McIlroy C. Barbieri, T. Inoue et al. 2016.12
RIKEN-QHP-291 Measurement of the $\tau$ lepton polarization and $R(D^*)$\\in the decay $\bar{B} \to D^* \tau^- \bar{\nu}_\tau$ S. Hirose et al., (including M. Takizawa) (Belle Collaboration) 2016.12
RIKEN-QHP-292 Lepton-Flavor-Dependent Angular Analysis of $B \to K^\ast \ell^+ \ell^-$ S. Wehle et al., (including M. Takizawa) (Belle Collaboration) 2016.12
RIKEN-QHP-255 Interacting fermions in rotation: chiral symmetry restoration, moment of inertia and thermodynamics Maxim Chernodub, Shinya Gongyo 2016.11
RIKEN-QHP-278 Forecasting Tidal Disruption Events by Binary Black Hole Roulettes Naoki Seto, Koutarou Kyutoku 2016.11
RIKEN-NC-NP-174 Giant dipole resonance and shape transitions in hot and rotating 88Mo A. K. Rhine Kumar, P. Arumugam et al. 2016.11
RIKEN-QHP-288 Observation of D0→ρ0γ and search for CP violation in radiative charm decays T. Nanut et al. (including M. Takizawa) (Belle Collaboration) 2016.11
RIKEN-QHP-289 Search for the 0$^{--}$ glueball in Υ(1S) and Υ(2S) decays S. Jia et al., (including M. Takizawa) (Belle Collaboration) 2016.11
RIKEN-QHP-290 Search for D$^0$ decays to invisible final states at Belle Y.-T. Lai et al., (including M. Takizawa) (Belle Collaboration) 2016.11
RIKEN-QHP-236 Equation of State for SU(3) Gauge Theory via the Energy-Momentum Tensor under Gradient Flow M. Kitazawa, T. Iritani et al. 2016.10
RIKEN-QHP-248 Dynamical Pattern Selection of Growing Cellular Mosaic in Fish Retina Noriaki Ogawa, Tetsuo Hatsuda et al. 2016.10
RIKEN-QHP-250 Kinetic derivation of generalized phase space Chern-Simons theory Tomoya Hayata, Yoshimasa Hidaka 2016.10
RIKEN-QHP-251 Virtual photon polarization in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions G. Baym, T. Hatsuda et al. 2016.10
RIKEN-QHP-253 Luescher's finite volume test for two-baryon systems with attractive interactions Sinya Aoki, Takumi Doi et al. 2016.10
RIKEN-QHP-254 Baryon interactions in lattice QCD: the direct method vs. the HAL QCD potential method Takumi Iritani, (HAL QCD Collaboration) 2016.10
RIKEN-QHP-259 Holographic Photon Production in Heavy Ion Collisions Ioannis Iatrakis, Elias Kiritsis et al. 2016.10
RIKEN-QHP-242 Overscreened Kondo effect, (color) superconductivity, and Shiba states in Dirac metals and quark matter Takuya Kanazawa, Shun Uchino 2016.09
RIKEN-NC-AC-3 SLOWRI後段加速器の概念設計(v2) Arai, Shigeaki 2016.09
RIKEN-NC-AC-4 IH空洞の概略設計 Arai, Shigeaki 2016.09
RIKEN-NC-AC-5 GENRFQ-PREBUNCHERの入力データ Arai, Shigeaki 2016.09
RIKEN-NC-NP-172 Sum rule study for Double Gamow-Teller states H. Sagawa and T. Uesaka 2016.09
RIKEN-QHP-277 Gravitational-wave cosmography with eLISA and the Hubble tension Koutarou Kyutoku, Naoki Seto 2016.09
RIKEN-NC-NP-173 Angular momentum gated thermodynamic properties in Tc isotopes Balaram Dey, Deepak Pandit et al. 2016.09
RIKEN-NC-NP-175 Simultaneous microscopic description of nuclear level density and radiative strength function N. Quang Hung, N. Dinh Dang et al. 2016.09
RIKEN-QHP-287 Search for a dark vector gauge boson decaying to π+π- using η→π+π-γ decays E. Won et al. (including M. Takizawa) (Belle Collaboration) 2016.09
RIKEN-QHP-294 Review of the electric dipole moment of light nuclei Nodoka Yamanaka 2016.09
RIKEN-QHP-107 Multiple-Regulator Functional Renormalization Group for Many-Fermion Systems Yuma Tanizaki, Tetsuo Hatsuda 2016.08
RIKEN-NC-NP-169 Self-consistent collective coordinate for reaction path and inertial mass Kai Wen, Takashi Nakatsukasa 2016.08
RIKEN-QHP-249 The hidden charm pentaquarks are the hidden color-octet $uud$ baryons? Sachiko Takeuchi, Makoto Takizawa 2016.08
RIKEN-NC-NP-170 Determination of a dineutron correlation in Borromean nuclei via a quasi-free knockout ($p,pn$) reaction Yuma Kikuchi, Kazuyuki Ogata et al. 2016.08
RIKEN-QHP-293 Electric dipole moment of the deuteron in the standard model with $NN - \Lambda N - \Sigma N$ coupling Nodoka Yamanaka 2016.08
RIKEN-QHP-243 Improved radial basis function approach with the odd-even corrections Z. M. Niu, B. H. Sun et al. 2016.07
RIKEN-QHP-244 Mirage in Temporal Correlation functions for Baryon-Baryon Interactions in Lattice QCD T. Iritani, T. Doi et al. 2016.07
RIKEN-QHP-245 Measurement of the CKM angle \phi_1 in BB^0 \to \bar{D}^{(\ast)0} h^0, \bar{D}^0 \to K^0_S \pi^+ \pi^- decay with time-dependent binned Dalitz plot analysis V. Vorobyev et al, (including M. Takizawa) (Belle Collaboration) 2016.07
RIKEN-QHP-246 Study of Excited \Xi_c States Decaying into \Xi^0_c and \Xi^+_c Baryons J. Yelton, et al. (including M. Takizawa) (Belle Collaboration) 2016.07
RIKEN-QHP-247 Measurement of the branching ration of \bar{B}^0 \to D^{\ast +} \tau^- \bar{\nu}_{\tau} relative to \bar{B}^0 \to D^{\ast +} l^- \bar{\nu}_l decays with a semileptonic tagging method Y. Sato et al. (including M. Takizawa) (Belle Collaboration) 2016.07


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